FRAW : A Solo Exhibition by Faizal Rahadi Wibowo (2018)

*Parade of The Bizarre - A Tentative Title

Imagine a flock of candy-colored creatures, their limbs intertwined as if running into each other in a high speed race explode into a million tiny fragments of colors you only see in a dream or a drug-fueled day-trip. Faizal Rahadi Wibowo, better known as Fraw is an artist from Jakarta whose work envision a world far away from the bleak hustle-and-bustle of the city and into a Technicolor-tinted hallucination of an urban landscape where monsters and men (albeit blue-skinned and sharp-teethed) co-exist. Inspired by the rebellious nature of punk posters, Fraw’s work combine the harshness of his oddball characters with the friendly nature of his bright color palette. Playfully low-brow, this solo exhibition is the debut introduction into Fraw’s absurd imagination.

Faizal Rahadi Wibowo  (b. 1994) is a Jakarta based Indonesian artist/illustrator. 

DISCORDIA DIGITALIS : A Solo Exhibition by Nadine Hanisya (2019)

Discordia Digitalis entails two words that perfectly describes Nadine Hanisya’s work. Discordia is the name of the roman goddess of discord, it is also the namesake of a cult belief that chaos is as (and sometimes even more) important as order. Digitalis is a type of flower, more often known as a foxglove. The vibrant color of a foxglove flower masks the heavy toxicity of the plant itself, garnering the flower the sinister name of “witches glove”. Nadine’s work mirror and embody these two words, it is evident that her sculptures take a shape of their own, seemingly without control or without approval, it grows and mutates with the spirit of a carefree prancing child; but at the same time exude an aroma of mystery and uncomfortable strangeness as if taking a little sniff would be taboo or dangerous. It could be that the subjects in her photographs are the result of direct contact with the plants. The subjects themselves look abnormal, as if they themselves have mutated into something resembling the plants, by the way the contort their body, their expressions and the freak growth of random furs on their skin. The subject becomes the plant itself, a communicative visual effort from Nadine to portray self-reflection as a flower and to envision a world of freak-normality and non- judgment.

Nadine Hanisya (b. 1997) is a Paris based Indonesian artist. Her multifaceted body of work range from video to painting to sculpture. Kitsch, childlike sensuality and mutated plants are signature themes in her work.